The Officer Medal

Officer Medal

Tutorial for Officer Medal

What is the Officer Medal?

The Officer Medal is an item that can be equipped on an Officer to permanently boost their combat ability.

What effects do Officer Medals have?

Medal types:

  • Bear Medal
  • Vermin Medal
  • Eagle Medal
  • Viper Medal
  • Thorn Medal


The Medals above correspondingly increase the combat attributes of Tanks, SUVs, Helicopters, Artillery and Defenses respectively. Two Medals of the same type can be composed to make a the same type of Medal of a higher level.

Example: 2x Lv1 Thorn Medal can be composed to make 1x Lv2 Thorn Medal.

Medals are of different star levels, the lowest level is 1 and the highest is 3, they increase according to the level. The higher the level of the Medal, the higher the star level.

Medal Issue Restrictions

  • Each Officer can only be equipped with 3 Medals at most, in other words you can in total have 18 Medals equipped at any one time, not limited by type.
  • One Officer cannot be equipped with two Medals of the same type.
  • Medals can be changed as and when you please, the Medal will not disappear if you remove it from an Officer.

How to get Officer Medals

  • Purchase “Medal Box” from the Store.
  • Participate in the series Christmas activities.