Tap4Fun Invasion Territory

Tap4Fun Invasion Territory Details

How to Occupy Territory

Tap4Fun Invasion Territory is up for occupying by anyone able and willing. Your first step of occupying said territory is to go to your map screen (bottom left blue button). To view the open or occupied tiles, tap the territory button (button with a flag in the upper right) on. Now, moving around on the map, you will see what tiles are open to occupy and the tiles already owned. The owning Guild name will be on these tiles. To occupy, click on any tile (occupied or not) and click the occupy button. Select your units and notice the estimated time it will take to occupy in the lower right corner. Hit the march button in the bottom right corner and your Troops will be sent to occupy the tile.

Occupying Territory Benefits

First and foremost, most Guild utilize territory occupying as an indicator that you are an active player. From the Guild Tab, anyone within the Guild can view you total amount of occupied tiles. Note: Transferring to a new Guild transfers your already occupied tiles; however, your total occupied tile count does not transfer and will reset under the Guild Tab. Besides showing you are active, occupying tiles provides gathering boost of 20% to your Guild. Likewise, a resource bonus of 10% of the resources gathered will be transferred to your Guild Bank. Another benefit of occupying territory is the fact that enemy players can not teleport into Guild Hives that have occupied a boarder around their Hive. Note: During the PVP event, enemy players have to ability to teleport on your Guild’s occupied tiles. Likewise, any unclaimed tiles are fair game, so ensure you occupy all tiles possible.

Occupying Territory Restrictions

Currently, there is no way to occupy a resource tile. You first need to deplete the resource tile of all of it’s resources. Another restriction is not being able to occupy a tile not adjacent (neighboring tile) to a tile already owned by your Guild. Teleporting to an unclaimed location, you have to start your occupying directly around your Base; moving out in any direction not barred by the restrictions mentioned. Lastly, and obviously, you can not occupy a tile already owned by your Guild.

Occupying Territory Speed Increases

There are several aspects that can increase your occupying speed. First and foremost, the number of Troops within your march influences your speed. Utilizing Tier 3 Troops will offer a much faster occupying time than that of Tier 1. Secondly, your VIP level can increase your occupying speed. VIP 1 grants you a 1% increase, while VIP 15 (maximum VIP) offers a 40% increase. See the chart below for a complete list of increases by VIP level. Lastly, the Guild Occupy Territory Event grants a occupying speed increase of 200%. See below for more information regarding Occupy Territory Events.

Tap4Fun Invasion VIP Territory Speed Increase

Occupying Territory Events

Tap4Fun Invasion Territory Event is a race to occupy tiles. Each tile occupied rewards five (5) points. During the event, besides tile boosting (see below), occupying other Guild’s tiles is by far the fastest way to gain points. During the event, already occupied tiles are worth twice (taking twice as long to occupy) as many points as unoccupied tiles. Occupying claimed tiles Likewise, you will use half of the marching time needed if you were to occupy unoccupied tiles twice. Lets not forget that this method depletes the total number of occupied tiles a certain Guild owns, while increasing your own Guild’s total.

Occupying Tile Boosting

Believe to be the fastest way to rake up event points, tile boosting involves two (2) Guilds. Though, your Guild’s total tile count will not increase as much, the total points gained will be significant higher than any other method. To successfully pull off tile boosting, there needs to be one (1) or two (2) tiles between opposing Guild members. One player will occupy all the tiles between the two (2). Once occupied, the other player (opposing Guild) occupies the same tiles. With this method, you do not have to worry about long march times, teleporting around the map, or wasting diamonds.

Final Note

Within most zones, occupying another Guild’s tiles is in fact an Act of War. Do not be surprised if you are attacked while doing so. Likewise, having your Troops out occupying, if you are attacked, Troops will not be sent to your Garage – THEY WILL DIE. Thus, it is your decision if it is worth the risk.