Tap4Fun Invasion Voice Chat System Tutorial

Tap4Fun Invasion Voice Chat System Tutorial Details

The new Voice Chat System was released during the 1.21 update. In order to help you understand how the voice chat system works, we prepared some tips for you:

In Zone chat, Guild chat and Private chat, tap the keyboard/microphone icon on the bottom left to switch from text to voice input modes.

Voice 1

Once in the voice input mode, press the button “Press to Talk” to speak. Keep pressing the button until you finish.Voice 2

When you are speaking there is an icon shows you are speaking now at the center of the screen. If you want to cancel your speaking when you just press the “Press to Talk” button, just slide up to cancel it.

Note: Once you release the “Press to Talk”, you cannot cancel your voice by sliding up.

Voice 3

Release the “Press to Talk” button when you are done speaking, then your voice will be sent to the chat room.

Voice 4

After your voice has sent successfully, your voice will be converted to text which can be seen by everyone in the chat room only if you are VIP6 or higher. And the limit of converting for everyday is 60.

Voice 5