Tap4Fun Invasion Sandtable Treasure

Learn the Basics Behind Invasion’s Sandtable Treasure

Tap4Fun Invasion Sandtable Treasure Rules:

  1. The game board of Sandtable Treasure is comprised of connected steps, players need to advance along the steps to get various rewards.
  2. When the game begins, the player will start from the starting point and need to spend Diamonds (250 Diamonds) to roll the dice to advance.
  3. There are 3 steps on the game boards:
    1. Intern step: When reaching a step of this kind, the player will get the corresponding item rewards.
    2. Surprise step: When reaching a Surprise step, the player can open the chest to get the rewards. There are 3 types of chest on the Surprise step:
      • Bronze ChestTap4Fun Invasion Sandtable Treasure Bronze Chest
      • Silver ChestTap4Fun Invasion Sandtable Treasure Silver Chest
      • Golden ChestTap4Fun Invasion Sandtable Treasure Golden Chest
    3. Critical step: Receive a one-time reward multiplier. Next time when reaching a step containing rewards, the rewards will be multiplied by the number the player got on the Critical step.
  4. When players reach the terminal, they will get a grand terminal reward and moved back to the starting point. Afterwards, the reward on the game board will be reset.
  5. When leaving Invasion Sandtable Treasure or quitting the game, the game progress will be saved. The progress will be rest only after the activity ends.
  6. Player who advance on the Sandtable Treasure will get points. Also players can test their luck in Try Your Fortune and earn additional ranking rewards.