Tap4Fun Invasion PVP Tips

Tap4Fun Invasion PvP Tips

Tap4Fun Invasion PVP Tips & Strategies

Tap4Fun Invasion PVP Tips are here to help you play like a pro. During the many PVP Events we fought in over in zone 1, we noticed a few things. Here we’ll discuss different ways to get the best out of PVP. Feel free to add any comments or suggestions below.

During PVP, there are two types of people: the aggressor and the defender.

The Aggressor

If you are interested in being the aggressor, follow these tips:

  • Scout and set up your formation prior to attacking.
    • Tanks are strong against SUVs
    • SUVs are strong against Helicopters
    • Helicopters are strong against Tanks
    • If enemy has defenses, then send Cannons
  • Reset Talent Points for attack (not defense).
    • Both Research and Talent Points can easily change the battle’s outcome.
  • If Zone allows, attack players who are on tiles and not their bases.
    • Every kill will be destroyed rather than damaged.
  • Teleport on tiles your Guild owns instead of spending diamonds on advanced teleports.
  • Use a march capacity boost to send the maximum amount of Units.
  • Use an attack increase item (HT-M missile) to raise attack %.
  • If Prison is unlocked, find easier targets (HQ lvl 10 or higher) and attack them for their Commanders before attacking someone larger
    • You’ll gain an attack boost for each Commander.
  • Send your commander into battle.
    • Without him your talent points don’t get used.

The Defender

If you are interested in being the defender, follow these tips:

  • Have a large Garage space so that you don’t have to worry about losing troops.
  • Keep your total Unit count below maximum Garage capacity.
  • Reset your talent points for defense.
  • Use a defense boost item.
  • Change your Formation for maximum damage.
  • Use a peace shield or Rally after getting your PVP prizes to prevent further troop loss
  • Do not have too many resources on you.
    • Even though this makes you a bigger target which may be a good thing, you don’t want players hitting you over and over to take all of your resources.
  • Produce defenses.
    • Once destroyed you can’t repair them.
  • RexAlmighty

    When attacking it only shows your top 3 boosts in the report. Are these your only boosts in effect?

  • Cherry Pepper

    what is the new buildings, and when will we be able to build them?

  • Adam Jacobs

    Something we just figured out recently is you only need one prisoner for attack boost.not the max prison allows. That’s just capacity.

  • ER Arjun Negi

    How to update marching queue for gathering

  • Johnny G III

    can newbies ship zone to zone