Tap4Fun Invasion Officer System Tutorial

Tap4Fun Invasion Update

Invasion Officer System Tutorial

The new Officer System was released during the 1.21 update. In order to help you understand how officer system works, we prepared some tips for you:

How to find officers?

Click “Military School” > “Function” > “Officer” Tab.

Officer 1   Officer 2

What do I need to Recruit an Officer?

From the Office tab, you can recruit officers; however, you need to gather a certain amount of materials before you are able to recruit said officer. Tap the officer’s avatar and you will see the materials required.

Office 3

How can I get Materials?

There are 5 ways to obtain materials for recruiting officers:

  1. You can get free Basic Box which contains a random material from Daily sign-in.
  2. Basic Box which contains a random material will be delivered in rank prizes of rebel battles.
  3. You can simply buy the Basic Box by clicking one of the materials > “Get more”.
    1. A random material will be delivered.
  4. Complete Base Mission, Guild Mission, Daily Mission and Log.
  5. Participate in Solo, Union, Glory events will give you chance to get materials.

Officer 4  Officer 5  Officer 6

Of course there are more ways to gather materials in the works.

Where can I see my materials?

Via the Military School > “Materials management”.

officer 7  Officer 8

How to Recruit an Officer once Materials are Gathered?

Enter Military School > “Officer recruitment” > choose Officer Type > Tap the Officer Avatar > click “Recruit”.

Officer 9  Officer 10

How to Appoint an Officer?

Tap the recruited Officer Avatar > Tap “Appoint”. You will see your Officer appear on the Commander Tab.

Officer 11  Officer 12  Officer 13