Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Buildings

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Building Details

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Buildings can be build to increase your Guild effectiveness.

Guild Super Mine

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Super MineA Guild R4 or R5 is the only one with the privilege to start building a Super Mine. To start building, go to Guild tab, Guild Buildings, Super Mine, and select with Mine (Guild Farm | Energy Mine | Oil Mine | Steel Mine | Cash Mine). Enter the coordinates where the Mine will be placed. The Tile must be clear of any obstructions.

Super Mines are available for all Guild members to gather Resources. Super Mines CAN NOT be attacked. The more Guild members participating in the construction and/or gathering, the faster the construction and/or gathering speed will be.

Guild Research Center

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Research Center(Update 1.28.0) A Guild R4 or R5 is the only one with the privilege to start building a Research Center. To start building, go to Guild tab, Guild Buildings, Research Center. Enter the coordinates where the Research Center will be placed. The Tile must be clear of any obstructions.

Guild members can donate resources in the Guild research center to carry out Guild technology research. Only one technology can be researched at the one time. The Research Center can provide Guild Members with large amounts of Boosts. Research Centers CAN NOT be attacked. The more people who participate in building the faster it will be build.

Research Center Donations

  • Guild members can donate resource to get Research points and Black Market coins.
  • Research points will be directly added to the Guild Research
  • When a Guild’s research points are full, the Guild leader can start the said research
  • The boosts brought by Guild Research take effect on all Guild members

Donation Rewards

  • Daily (Receive at least 50,000 points during the day to get rewards)
  • Top Daily Donation receives: 8-Hour Speed up x1, 5000 Black Market coins, 500 Simulator chips
  •  Week (Receive at least 300,000 points during the week to get rewards)
  • 3-Day Speed up x1, 20,000 Black Market coins, 5000 Simulator chips

Research Center Researching

Basic Research

  • Guild Help: Increases the amount of Speed-up minutes that Guild Help provides (Max: -5)
  • Ultra Overdrive: Increases the unit load capacity (Max: +3)
  • Fast March: Increases the marching speed when attacking an NPC on the map (Max: +50%)
  • Production Capacity: Increases the production capacity of a single Armory (Max: +300)
  • Fast Gathering: Increases the gathering speed (Max: +20%)
  • Repair Capacity: Increases the capacity of single Garage (Max: +3000)
  • Resource Output: Increases the production of all resources (Max: +20%)

Common Research

  • Fast Building: Increases the construction speed on base
  • Fast Production: Increases the production speed of units
  • Fast Research: Increases the speed of conducting research
  • Repair Master: Reduces the resources required for repairing unit
  • Unit reserve capacity: Increases the capacity of Unit Reserve center
  • Fast Repair: Increases the speed of repairing unit
  • Production Master: Reduces the resources required for producing unit

Advanced Research

  • SUV Attack: Increases SUV attack
  • Tank Attack: Increases Tank attack
  • Helicopter Attack: Increases Helicopter attack
  • SUV Defense: Increases SUV Defense
  • Tank Defense: Increases Tank Defense
  • Helicopter Defense: Increases Helicopter Defense
  • Rally Attack: Increases Rally Attack effect
  • Cannon Attack: Increases cannon’s attack
  • Cannon Defense: Increases Cannon’s Defense
  • Fast Rally: Reduces the minimum seconds required in the preparation for Rally Attack

Guild Maneuvers Base

  • Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Maneuvers Base(Update 1.29.1) A Guild R4 or R5 is the only one with the privilege to start building a Maneuver Base. To start building, go to Guild tab, Guild Buildings, Maneuver Base. Enter the coordinates where the Maneuver Base will be placed. The Tile must be clear of any obstructions.
  • Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Maneuvers Base ScreenTroops can be sent to Maneuvers Base to obtain lots of rewards. The Maneuvers Base CAN NOT attacked. The more members that participate in constructing the Maneuvers Base, the faster the construction speed will be.
  • After sending Troops into the Maneuver Base, your Troops will get rewarded every certain period of time. Each Maneuver can last up to 8 hours (could replace the need to Fake Rally). You can recall your Troops at any time. While inside the Maneuvers Base, Troops will not incur battle losses.  Maneuver rewards will be given once your Troops have returned to base. Maneuver chest will be put into your Reward center, resources and XP will be used directly, other rewards will be put into your supply.

Guild Fortress Cannon

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Fortress Cannon Locked

Guild Walls

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild Walls Locked

Guild War Factory

Tap4Fun Invasion Guild War Factory Locked