Tap4Fun Invasion Rallying and Reinforcing

Tap4Fun Invasion Rallying and Reinforcing Details

Tap4Fun Invasion Rallying and Reinforcing are two of the most crucial aspects of Invasion are Rallying and Reinforcing. Both methods can drastically change the battle’s outcome.

How to Rally:

To be able to Rally, you must have your Hall of War unlocked. Unlike other buildings, the Hall of War requires not only resources, but War warrants. War warrants can be bought at the black market, won in a routine supply chest, and bought in the Black Market. Another requirement, you must be in a guild and the target of your Rally must be in a guild or have a Headquarters above level 15.

To begin a Rally, simply tap the target base and tap Rally. Follow the onscreen prompts. Once you’ve chosen your time, choose your units, and then march. Once the Rally has started, it is now visible in the Guild War, where you can see all active Rallies within your Guild and who has joined them. Both your location and your Rally target location can be seen by hitting the blue button by your Commanders picture. You can use this to keep track of players that are teleporting around to avoid a fight.

Note: Once Rallied, you can cancel it by going to your map, locating the blue mark on the right side of the screen and then hitting the red X.

Two Types of Rallies: Fake Rallies and War Rallies

Invasion Fake Rally

Fake Rallies are used to protect your Units. To preform a Fake Rally, simply set a 8-hour Rally. You should do this prior to going to sleep to ensure your Units do not get hit. You can also utilize a Fake Rally to track enemy locations. Keep in mind however, that your target can also see your location. Fake Rallies can also be used as bait, to give the target your location. Once you are Scout 7 (researched), you have the ability to see enemy Rallied units; this counters the act of using Rallied Units to trick you into thinking they have less Units.

Invasion War Rally

War Rallies are Rallies used with the intent to take down larger players and the monument. These Rallies are typically short (5 – 10 Mins) in order to catch the targeted enemy off guard. Depending on your Hall of War and Headquarters level, your Rally can range from slightly advantageous to a huge 2.375 million Unit Rally. Ensure you have your attack formation set up before hand. Make sure your Commander’s points are changed to Attack, use a march capacity item, etc.

Note: Ensure Guildies that are joining your Rally are within range of you. Once they havee joined your Rally, the entire Rally will not march until all Rallied Units are in your Unit Reserve Center.

Added Note

You can not utilize a peace shield or teleport while Rallied. As for any Guild member joining your rally, they are vulnerable. Play smart and be aware of your surroundings when Rallied.


Reinforcements are Units sent to your base to help during incoming attacks. Your reinforcement capacity depends on your Unit Reserve Center‘s level. From your Unit Reserve Center, you can see the specifics on what Units are within your base.

Reinforcements are very useful when being attacked. Reinforced Units will, more than likely, be the first to get destroyed when attacked. Keep in mind, they are permanently destroyed – no repairing. In order to see enemy Reinforcements, Scout 8 must be researched. A lot of players reinforce themselves, teleport around wanting to be hit, and their attacker will not know what their actual Unit count is due to that fact they can not see reinforcements. If a Guild member is being rallied, go to Guild War to view the members reinforcing them.

Added Note

You can not utilize a peace shield while you have Reinforcements or you have Reinforcement a Guild member. You must release them in order to activate one. Although, you CAN shield if you are reinforcing the monument.

  • Jason Kioke

    Recently, today I was being attacked, the alarm is red. I immediately went into my Guild chat and told them I was being attacked. Then, it stopped. Someone in the chat said, “Rally 8 hours”. I asked how did the Rally stopped the attack, I really didn’t get a straight answer. So how did the Attack stop exactly.

    • Banger-n-Leaver

      They ended the rally themselves. We call these ghost rallies. It’s just a way to protect your troops. If you base is on the edge of the map your more likely to have this happen again. If it’s a long rally odds are you won’t be attacked at all.hope that answers it for you. Gl

  • ‘Tom Crawford

    How do you get reinforcements back from another guild member?