Invasion Public Diamond Mine Facebook Group

Everyone loves free Diamonds, but they are, at times, a pain to acquire. There is now an easier way to obtain said diamonds.  Most recently, there has been a few posts on he forums with random player befriending others on the forums and adding them on Facebook to send each other diamonds through the diamond mine. Well, Forum Moderator Zach pointed out an easier way.

YFacebookou can now join a Facebook group made for those dedicated commanders who want to receive the max amount of diamonds from their mine each and every day. All you have to do is add players from the group and send each other diamonds everyday. Once they reach enough players in this group everyone will be able to obtain their diamonds.There are some problems however, as some people love to spam others. It’s just something that happens. So he asks that you do not send any member of the group alternative game invites. This is strictly just for the use of Invasion’s Diamond Mine. Any players who decide to send other invite will be removed and banned from the group. Also, as mentioned before, this group is strictly for the Diamond Mine. You will receive no game support from this group and WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE GROUP.

Link to the Invasion Diamond Mine Facebook Group: