Invasion Officers Attributes


Your Invasion Officers

Officers serve as your right hands, they can provide various boosts to your base and troops. After appointing officers in the game, the officers can increase the attack or defense of different unit types, speed up construction or research; or even boost up your marching and gathering speed. All of these power-ups are based on the type of the officer you recruit.

Under your Military School, you will see 5 types of officers: Each of them has his/her unique use in your path to victory.

  • Strategic Officer
  • Vanguard Officer
  • Machinery Officer
  • Guard Officer

Officer Knowledge: Construction Speed

Officers have the ability to speed up base construction. For new commanders, the Strategic Officer Ribery and the Guard Officer Simon are your best choices; yet once you have emerged as one of the strongest Commanders in your area, you should consider recruiting the Machinery Officer Vito, Guard Officer Stephen and Special Officer Kelly.

If you appoint Officer Vito (Construction Speed + 16.4%), Stephen (+16.4%) and Kelly (+34.8%) at the same time, your base construction speed will increase by 67.6%. For instance, to upgrade your HQ to lvl21 requires 130 days, but recruit and appoint the above 3 officers and the required time will be down to 77 days.

NOTE: Appointing officers won’t reduce the time required for construction queues which are already in progress, the appointment must be made before the building upgrade starts so that construction time can be reduced!

Officer Knowledge: Research Speed

Carrying out technology research in the Lab won’t just improve your economy and battle capacity but will also fortify your base defenses. Your Officers are capable of speeding up research.

For new commanders, we recommend:

  • Strategic Officer – Ribery
  • Special Officer – Arya and Gomi

For advanced commanders, we recommend:

  • Strategic Officer – Tyrone
  • Machinery Officer – Lin and Angel Lily
  • Guard Officer – Peak
  • Special Officer – Zombie and Ulla

 If you appoint the Special Officer Zombie (Research Speed + 23.2%), the Guard Officer Peak (+ 11.6%) and the Strategic Officer Tyrone (+ 11.6) at the same time, your research speed will increase by 46.4%. If you want to start the research on Lvl9 Tank Defense which originally requires 73 days to complete, after you recruit and appoint the 3 officers mentioned above, you will only need 49 days. And this is just on one research that 24 days are saved! You can never underestimate Officer capabilities.

NOTE: Appointing officers won’t reduce the time required for research queues which are already in progress, the appointment must be made before the research starts so that research times can be reduced!

Officer Knowledge: Attack

The main theme of Invasion is to build the most formidable base and army to crush enemies, players need to develop their base, maximize their resource output and produce as many armed forces as possible, then make their base the most powerful fortress in the world. Hence, attack power is obviously decisive! Your Officers can increase attack power. Without Commander Talent Effects, Tank ATK 37.1%, Air ATK 42%, SUV ATK 38.2%, go recruit follow 3 Officers by tapping ‘Military School -> Officer Recruitment’

Machinery Officer – Headless

  • SUV ATK 6.7%
  • Tank ATK 6.7%
  • Air ATK 6.7%

Special Officer – Colonel T

  • SUV ATK 6.7%
  • Air ATK 13.4%

Guard Officer – Stephen

  • SUV ATK 6.7%
  • Air ATK 6.7%

Your attack will be increased to Tank ATK 44.2%, Air ATK 68.8%, SUV ATK 57.2%. With Officers standing beside you in battle, you can defeat many with few, would you still worry about being unable to win?

Officer Knowledge: Conclusion

Although Officers don’t possess the power to decide the outcome on the battlefield, they do have the potential to change the course of a battle. To summarize the Officers who can boost up base construction, research and attack power systematically. We Recommended the follow:

Speeding up Base Construction:

  • Special Officer – Kelly
  • Guard Officer – Stephen
  • Vanguard Officer – Mulan
  • Machinery Officer – Vito
  • Strategic Officer – Ribery

Recommended Officers for Speeding up Research:

  • Special Officer – Zombie
  • Guard Officer – Peak
  • Machinery Officer – Lin
  • Strategic Officer – Tyrone

Recommended Officers for Attack Boost:

  • Special Officer – Colonel T
  • Guard Officer – Stephen
  • Vanguard Officer – Hanzo
  • Machinery Officer – Headless
  • Strategic Officer – Magician Henry

Even the best General can’t defeat an army by himself, you should never underestimate the abilities of Officers!