Tap4Fun Invasion Black Market

Tap4Fun Invasion Black Market Details

Invasion Black MarketTap4Fun Invasion Black Market is where you buy underground items. Every 8 hours the item list will refresh itself. It also sends out coins daily. Upgrade to get more coins. Coins are used to make purchases within the Black Market. It is suggested you keep the Black Market the same level as your Headquarters.

Acquisition of Coins

  1. Guild Help: Your able to receive a maximum of 10,000 coins per day
  2. Guild Chest: You have a chance of receiving coins upon opening
  3. Black Market: Give out free coins based on the Black Market level
  4. Log and Guild Mission: Complete mission to receive coins
  5. From Guild: Dispatched by Guild Administrator weekly (Weekly Wages)

See the table below for building requirements and various statistics regarding the Invasion Black Market:

 Invasion Black Market Building Requirements

Tap4Fun Invasion Black Market Building Requirements

Invasion Black Market Statistics

Tap4Fun Invasion Black Market Statistics