Tap4Fun Invasion Battle Formations

Tap4Fun Invasion Battle Formations Details

Tap4Fun Invasion Battle Formations utilizes a battle system called ‘Trinity’ to set up your units for defending and attacking versus enemy players. Trinity is highly important in minimizing unit casualties while maximizing your damage to enemy units.

Trinity Breakdown

Helicopters > Tanks > SUV > Helicopters

Following a successful enemy scout, you will have the ability to view is current defensive formation. Set up your attack formation to counters his defensive formation

Example: Enemy has defensive formation setup as (left to right) Tank | Helicopter | SUV. Set your attack formation as Helicopter | SUV | Tank in order to counter. This will make your attack highly effective.

Note: Remember active players can see that your attack is incoming, and might change his battle formation. In order to counter this, try to scout the player multiple times prior to your initial attack and continue to scout after your march is underway. Recall and adapt if necessary.

Likewise, if you are scouted you should change your defensive formation to counter your own defensive formation. If your enemy countered your defensive formation, countering your own defensive formation will counter their new attack formation.

  • Jason Kioke

    I’m getting the Unit Trinity Strength formation now. I wanted to understand more thoroughly. Thanks!