Tap4Fun Invasion Armory

Tap4Fun Invasion Armory

Tap4Fun Invasion Armory Details

Tap4Fun Invasion Armory unlocks new and more powerful Units (Artillery, Helicopter, SUV, Tank). Upgrade to increase the amount of Units you can produce at a time. It is suggested you keep all your Armories the same level as your Headquarters. This allows for the most production number and speed. The Armory also displays your current Status and Unit Details:

  • Total Units: #
  • On Base: #
  • Out of Base: # of March Slots out
  • Total Upkeep: #
  • Unit Limit Per Production: #
  • Production Speed Increased: %

See the table below for building requirements and various statistics regarding the Invasion Armory:

Invasion Armory Building Requirements

Tap4Fun Invasion Armory Building Requirements

Invasion Armory Information

Tap4Fun Invasion Armory Statistics