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Tap4Fun Invasion PVP Tips

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Tap4Fun Invasion PVP Tips & Strategies Tap4Fun Invasion PVP Tips are here to help you play like a pro. During the many PVP Events we fought…Read More

Tap4Fun Invasion Battle Formations

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Tap4Fun Invasion Battle Formations Details Tap4Fun Invasion Battle Formations utilizes a battle system called ‘Trinity’ to set up your units for defending and attacking versus enemy players. Trinity…Read More

Invasion Artillery

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Invasion Artillery Invasion Artillery Cannons are your Defensive Units. Strong verses Defenses Weak versus SUVs, Tanks, and Helicopters.

The Rebel Army

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Invasion Rebel Army To access the new Rebel Armies and receive rewards: To begin, tap the Rebel Army icon under Events Using Action Points, search for a…Read More

New Player Quick Guide

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Here are some tips and tricks to help you start your base and play like a pro! Quick Growth Enter an active Guild! You can get…Read More

Rally Tips

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Invasion Rally Tips A Rally is used to gather large troops to attack or defend an enemy target. If you join another player’s rally, you…Read More

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